About Santa4me.com

About Santa 4 Me: why we help with personalized letters from Santa

The age we live in sees a little magic die out with every passing year. Here at Santa4me.com, we believe in preserving that magic. What better way to do so than by placing a tangible piece of it in your child's hand?

Of course, we have a bit of a selfish motive, as well - there is an undeniable sense of satisfaction that comes with reassuring the faith of a child. 2016 is our eighth year of helping Santa send letters to good boys and girls, and we find ourselves looking forward to this year's letters evern more than we did last year, if that is possible.

We create completely customized Santa Claus letters for children; each letter is composed, one at a time, specifically for the child to which it is addressed. Each letter is hand signed by Santa himself. Bring some Christmas magic into a child's life - order today!